The leaflet network is one of the UKs largest networks of leaflet distribution company. By having the network in place, it is an effective solution to National clients who wish to cover almost every postal area around the country. Small businesses can then use our cost-effective services to also gain from distribution runs locally.

We are always looking for regional partners to join the network and work alongside other distribution companies across the country to be able to create an ethical and effective leaflet delivery service.

Everyone on the network gains a mutual benefit from being a member and working together in this way can help every distribution company who operates ethically to grow.

We have a great onboarding process which can help distribution companies and their staff to gain more information and training in the field. This extra training is to make sure that every company on the network operates with the same procedures and everything remains fair and effective across the board.

Our unique culture of like-minded business owners in the distribution industry can also encourage progression with distribution companies. Sharing ideas and information about the processes each member operates with can help change aspects of other distribution companies where they may be struggling.

As the leaflet network continues to grow, there is current work going towards creating a large database, where every company can link to each other freely and be able to share work or pass it on to other companies that operate within those areas. Currently we act as the link between the distribution companies to offer this service.

Given that each distribution company is linked through us, this can mean getting passed work by other companies as they have received work in an area that they may not operate in.

When joining the network, you will be subject to back checks on all work that comes through our avenues, whether that be direct through the website, a national client that is using us or from another distribution company. Anything that passes through our network, will need thorough backchecking to ensure the work is being done correctly. This will confirm and maintain trust within our network for the clients that use us and for other distribution companies who pass their clients through us.

Given that the distribution companies within our network are checked in this way, we offer a badge of approval for them to use on their website and marketing materials. This badge can be shown and referenced for credibility when promoting the business.

Members of the leaflet network can also gain support from our in-house teams, whenever it is needed. Our in-depth demographic systems can be a large help to smaller distribution companies who may not have the funds to cover the costs of this software. All our staff are experienced in this field and can also provide support with a range of problems that are encountered when working in the leaflet distribution industry.

If you are interested in your leaflet distribution company becoming part of the network, then please leave us a message using the following contact form and we will send over all of the relevant information, including the application form. If you are successful in that step, then we will arrange to meet and discuss the membership further.

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