Becoming a partner of the leaflet network can have some substantial benefits for you and your business in the leaflet distribution industry. When you gain partnership with us and become responsible for the area in which you operate, you gain all the work that comes through the leaflet network for those postal sectors.

We treat all our partners with respect and aim to help them get a large gain back from being part of our network.

While there are business directories available on the internet for you company to be listed on, there are not a large amount for the leaflet distribution industry. This is often because a company listing businesses, does not want to be responsible for what is considered a difficult industry with there being so many unethical distribution companies out there.

We offer training, information, and support for all our partners to become the best leaflet distribution company in their area, should they want this.

Back checking the businesses that are a part of our network is something we do regularly and commit to for clients coming through our website and network. We do this to ensure that every distribution company we use is legitimate and completing work as they should. This then will show that your business is a trustworthy and ethical option for businesses looking to use you for their leaflet distribution.

When becoming part of the leaflet network, you receive the right to display our badge of approval on your website and marketing material to add confidence in your brand.

Approximately 94.8% of the population in the UK is using the internet for everyday needs, including finding businesses to carry out services or provide products they need. The leaflet network gains more and more traffic through the website every year and continues to become the first stop for most businesses in the UK looking to use leaflet distribution as a form of marketing.

Your business could be the sole provider to the companies in your chosen and operating area.

We often gain national clients directly, so these are also passed to you among other member of the leaflet network, to carry out the distribution campaign.

As mentioned, there are many benefits of becoming a member including:


When a company comes through the leaflet network for leaflet distribution services, they are directed straight to you. This means you deal with them directly. These companies could be close by your business and now they know you through us, they may choose to continue to use your company direct for future campaigns.


While a lot of businesses coming through our network for leaflet distribution, are small to medium enterprises, we have many clients who operate nationally and regularly conduct leaflet drops over multiple postal areas. These national clients offer regular work, with high quantities.


We are still in the early days of our development as a national network. As we are growing, we are investing into databases and applications that you will also gain access to, and it will help your productivity and effectiveness. One such application is currently being developed which will help all companies who are part of the network easily schedule distribution runs to each other that they are unable to complete, cover in time etc.


As more and more companies are directed to you, the more your brand becomes popular and familiar in the area.


You will gain many customers through the leaflet network, but just being able to display that you are a part of the leaflet network will add trust when other customers are considering using your business direct.


As we only allow one business per area within our network, this gives you the edge over all other competitors of yours who are operating in the same postal sectors that you are.

There is a membership fee when joining the leaflet network, which covers administration work for your area, the back checks we conduct, and the constant search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing work we conduct to be able to keep the constant flow of work through.

Following approval of your membership with the leaflet network there is an induction that we expect you to attend, to ensure that we are on the same pages and complete the work consistently across the country.

If your area is currently occupied by another team, then we can offer surrounding areas if they are available. If neither of these options are available, then we have a waiting list where you can be next in line for that area.

While on the waiting list we can carry out background checks and conduct some of the induction as in the event of an area becoming available, your business can step straight in.

Enquire with us to see if any of the areas that your business covers are available and discuss the process further of becoming part of the UK’s largest leaflet distribution network.

If you would like to join The Leaflet Network, please enquire today!