As a family run business spanning across the UK, the leaflet network is dedicated to giving the best experience for our clients when arranging the leaflet distribution.

We pride ourselves in creating a far more efficient and cost-effective service when choosing this marketing technique. The information provided on our website and when arranging distribution through ourselves, is simply there to help businesses considering leaflet delivery.

Our network of over 100 distribution teams is here to provide an effective marketing tool for businesses to be able to advertise their products and encourage engagement from potential customers.

The leaflet network acts as a directory between businesses looking to advertise and distribution companies who can make this happen.

The distribution companies who are a part of the network are chosen based on the best feedback they receive from their customers and the way they work. We choose only the companies who work ethically to provide the best possible leaflet distribution and can complete backchecks that are relevant and able to show that the deliveries were completed successfully.

As we are often acting as a middleman, we choose to get involved by reviewing all paperwork and confirming with clients who come through our portal, whether it all is correct.

We will also maintain contact with clients and following distribution will get in touch for feedback on their campaign.

Any distribution companies who have not provided an efficient service will be thoroughly monitored and if found to be acting unethically, will be removed from the network.

If you as a client are ever dissatisfied with a distribution campaign through a company on our network, we will investigate this and if we have enough evidence to prove something has gone wrong, we will contact the distribution company and encourage refunds where necessary. If a distribution company who is part of our network refuses these refunds, they will also be removed from our network.

Leaflet distribution companies will not want to be removed from our network as they receive all the benefits included with their membership. Benefits include distribution work direct through our website, national clients who plan campaigns through our in-house teams, badge of approval to be shown on their website and marketing materials etc.

With our promise to clients who choose to come through our network, we can create a far more trustworthy and effective service. This should always give you as a business a peace of mind that you always have us as a safety net if anything were to ever go wrong.

Our Promise