With leaflet distribution, you are delivering unaddressed material and cannot guarantee that every letterbox within an area will be found or reached. Some properties even, do not have letterboxes or have them in unusual places. Even flats are unreachable on many occasions as without a key to the front door, our staff cannot get in to deliver.

No leaflet distribution company can guarantee 100% coverage.

There are many reasons why there may be missed properties on a distribution run, such as no junk mail signs, no access, resident refused etc.

For insurance purposes there will be reasons why delivery staff cannot reach a letterbox of some properties. These reasons can include dogs roaming and work being carried out on the house or garden.

Following a distribution campaign, you should receive a list of properties that were missed while the deliverers were out on the run. This should work alongside a coloured map indicating where was delivered.

If you have a friend or family member on a coloured road that did not receive a leaflet, you should see their address noted within the missed properties list.

When a leaflet lands on a door mat of a house, the deliverers are certainly not in control of who picks that flyer up and whether they pass it on among the household. In a lot of occasions, the first person picking up the leaflet will assign it straight to the bin and therefore other residents within the house will not have seen this. This is unfortunate but can result in some people suggesting they have not received the flyer, when in fact they did.