Before someone decides to buy your product or service, they need to feel like they know you. A good marketing rule of thumb to help customers make up their mind about purchasing is to ensure they hear your message at least 5 times.

This can be in the form of multiple avenues of marketing such as social media, pay per click etc. 

Retargeting builds visibility for your brand, allowing you to reach an audience that has already expressed interest in your products.

Leaflet distribution response rates will often increase the more times you target an area. While a lot of residents will purchase your offer on your flyer, the first time they see it. Others will not and getting the message back to them to remind them a second time will encourage a response from these.

We would recommend that you retarget each area once a month for three months. This will mean each household has received your flyer three times. If it is once a month, this is a great timescale, as the previous leaflet is still in the residents’ memory, whether they realise or not, and it is not too soon where it upsets potential customers. After the third time, you could have a break from targeting that area, not to overload your potential customers.

Consistency in leaflet distribution is extremely important and regular leaflet drops to regular areas is the best way to repeat business and gain more customers.