Leaflet distribution is one of, if not the best forms of direct marketing available to businesses. This is because you are giving every person in a household a physical advertisement that they can feel. A properly designed and printed leaflet is extremely effective in getting a message out. 

When you plan your distribution campaign correctly, covering every aspect you can, you can have some of the highest response rates out of all the marketing techniques. 

As with any marketing campaign, it would depend on the potential customer and what they subconsciously are most likely to engage with. Some people are more likely to respond to a social media advert, where some people will respond more to a physical leaflet.

Delivering your leaflets to the correct areas, following some audience and location research, will give your marketing campaign a great chance at being successful. When it comes to any form of marketing, it is important that you make more money back from the campaign that you spent conducting it. Leaflet distribution, when done correctly, is possibly the most cost effective.

Unfortunately, many businesses who have tried leaflet distribution campaigns, may not be entirely convinced. This could be due to poor planning or even using a distribution company who have not done a good enough job. 

There are many scams to avoid when choosing a leaflet distribution company, but when you have a team that are willing to complete the work correctly, leaflet distribution is an impressive marketing technique.