Leaflet Distribution Dorchester

Leaflet Network

The DT postcode area, also known as the Dorchester postcode area, covers much of Dorset (including Dorchester, Weymouth, Beaminster, Blandford Forum, Bridport, Lyme Regis, Portland, Sherborne and Sturminster Newton), plus very small parts of Devon and Somerset.

Approximate total number of households in area: 89174

Get in touch with the team directly to arrange the leaflet distribution with them, or alternatively, get in touch with the leaflet network team to arrange this distribution for you. To come through the leaflet network there may be an added fee, but we will make sure to get every angle covered for you. For general enquiries please use the contact page.


    Postcode SectorHouseholds
    DT1 12671
    DT1 24460
    DT1 3299
    DT10 12417
    DT10 22263
    DT11 02605
    DT11 73947
    DT11 82682
    DT11 91973
    DT2 01450
    DT2 72117
    DT2 83401
    DT2 92838
    DT3 42455
    DT3 53988
    DT3 63781
    DT4 05498
    DT4 73201
    DT4 82198
    DT4 95319
    DT5 12577
    DT5 22735
    DT6 32878
    DT6 42841
    DT6 52530
    DT6 61784
    DT7 32933
    DT8 32568
    DT9 31685
    DT9 42271
    DT9 51977
    DT9 62832

    Postal Area DT