Leaflet Distribution Blackpool

Leaflet Network

The FY postcode area, also known as the Blackpool postcode area, covers the western half of the Fylde plain (to which the letters in the postcode refer) on the west coast of Lancashire, including Blackpool, Thornton-Cleveleys, Poulton-le-Fylde, Fleetwood and Lytham St Annes.

Approximate total number of households in area: 123170

Get in touch with the team directly to arrange the leaflet distribution with them, or alternatively, get in touch with the leaflet network team to arrange this distribution for you. To come through the leaflet network there may be an added fee, but we will make sure to get every angle covered for you. For general enquiries please use the contact page.


    Postcode SectorHouseholds
    FY1 1192
    FY1 23299
    FY1 32101
    FY1 42729
    FY1 52562
    FY1 63544
    FY2 06759
    FY2 93975
    FY3 0822
    FY3 75484
    FY3 84299
    FY3 94427
    FY4 13155
    FY4 23543
    FY4 34762
    FY4 45816
    FY4 52387
    FY5 13762
    FY5 25628
    FY5 35182
    FY5 43112
    FY5 52461
    FY6 02856
    FY6 75499
    FY6 82574
    FY6 91084
    FY7 63384
    FY7 73967
    FY7 84198
    FY8 13734
    FY8 23954
    FY8 35087
    FY8 44399
    FY8 52433

    Postal Area FY