Leaflet Distribution Hereford

Leaflet Network

The HR postcode area, also known as the Hereford postcode area, covers most of Herefordshire, including Hereford, Bromyard, Kington, Ledbury, Leominster and Ross-on-Wye, while the HR2, HR3 and HR5 districts extend across the border to cover a small part of Powys.

Approximate total number of households in area: 68673

Get in touch with the team directly to arrange the leaflet distribution with them, or alternatively, get in touch with the leaflet network team to arrange this distribution for you. To come through the leaflet network there may be an added fee, but we will make sure to get every angle covered for you. For general enquiries please use the contact page.


    Postcode SectorHouseholds
    HR1 15524
    HR1 22369
    HR1 32352
    HR1 42159
    HR2 01442
    HR2 62953
    HR2 76242
    HR2 81594
    HR2 92237
    HR3 51944
    HR3 61122
    HR4 04647
    HR4 72002
    HR4 81985
    HR4 93654
    HR5 31881
    HR6 01751
    HR6 84512
    HR6 92037
    HR7 42814
    HR8 11820
    HR8 23590
    HR9 52763
    HR9 61680
    HR9 73599

    Postal Area HR