Leaflet Distribution Sunderland

Leaflet Network

The SR postcode area, also known as the Sunderland postcode area, covers eastern Tyne and Wear (including Sunderland) and north-east County Durham (including Seaham and Peterlee).

Approximate total number of households in area: 109550

Get in touch with the team directly to arrange the leaflet distribution with them, or alternatively, get in touch with the leaflet network team to arrange this distribution for you. To come through the leaflet network there may be an added fee, but we will make sure to get every angle covered for you. For general enquiries please use the contact page.


    Postcode SectorHouseholds
    SR1 1134
    SR1 21695
    SR1 3603
    SR2 03979
    SR2 73113
    SR2 82990
    SR2 93279
    SR3 15287
    SR3 24852
    SR3 34658
    SR3 43226
    SR4 03470
    SR4 63585
    SR4 74224
    SR4 83450
    SR4 93238
    SR5 12550
    SR5 22899
    SR5 33825
    SR5 42639
    SR5 54156
    SR6 02453
    SR6 74377
    SR6 82665
    SR6 93854
    SR7 02483
    SR7 73414
    SR7 83404
    SR7 93235
    SR8 12064
    SR8 23522
    SR8 33285
    SR8 43678
    SR8 53264

    Postal Area SR