When you are planning your leaflet distribution campaign, you should make sure that other avenues of marketing are offering the same deals. This can be extremely embarrassing if your leaflet is offering 20% off and then a customer goes to your social media to see you offering 50% off through that.

This can result in several negative outcomes. One outcome is that you receive no response from your distribution campaign, but loads from your social media, which is fine for you, but you have no accurate results to use for the next time you come to marketing. Another outcome is that a consumer loses trust in your company immediately and decides never to use you. This is a lost sale that you could have gained as a customer.

Another huge aspect of keeping other avenues up to date is to have a great website. If a customer reacts to your leaflet by visiting your website, and it does not reflect the same quality as your flyer, then this can leave the customer losing trust and again not buying from you. 

As mentioned in our design article, you should keep wording to a minimum on a flyer. This will cause the reader to visit your website if they would like to read more information. Your website can have as much information as possible as you are not usually limited with space for information. This can provide further answers to questions and further market your business for you.

Having a website that is in line with you branding and corresponds to your flyer will have a good impact on the trust a consumer has with your company. It shows that you are credible, and you are not likely to just take their money and run. Building trust with a potential customer is always important if you wish to convert them from a prospect to a returning customer. 

In some large marketing campaigns, leaflet distribution will be just one form of marketing that you choose to use to get your message out there. For example, if a company that makes cola, decides to launch a new product that is cherry flavour, they will push marketing through multiple avenues, including leaflet distribution, google adverts, YouTube adverts, TV adverts etc.

Coming at a consumer from multiple directions really does work well. However, this comes at a really high cost to the business. Therefore, you should choose the form of marketing that has the best return on investment, depending on your marketing budget. This often, when done correctly is in fact leaflet distribution.

Again, if you choose multiple forms of marketing for your campaign, then make sure they are all inline with each other, including the deals being offered and even the branding.