It is important to target the correct areas when planning your leaflet distribution. Using your audience research and knowing what type of customers are most likely to engage with your leaflet is used extensively here. 

Knowing the average income of a postal sector, for example, can determine where the wealthier areas to target may be.

There is a lot of demographic websites around where you can gather this information. These often come with a large price tag to use and can be very awkward to navigate and find the correct information you are looking for.

Using a company who already has this information is often recommended. A distribution company in your area, may have already got this information at the ready due to using it for a previous client. If not, they would usually have the software necessary to gain the information for your campaign.

At the leaflet network, we complete the maps in areas using the postal sectors. We have often got the information of each postal sector to hand. It is easily gathered if not, using the correct demographic software.

When targeting a postal sector, you can often know which postal sectors are comprised of larger populations of wealthier residents or not. You can know by percentage most aspects of a postal sector’s demographic including age, gender, occupation, religion etc.

When considering location, you may also want to know how many households are there, so that you can arrange the print of the leaflets. This information can be found on our website when clicking into a particular area. 

The types of houses in an area can be considered when planning your distribution also. Using the demographic software, you can often find if there are council houses in particular areas. This can be useful for tradesmen looking to advertise in the area, as people who may not own their house, would not be the ones deciding to use these services.

The type of houses in areas such as terraced houses, detached houses, flats etc. could also be considered when planning. The more terraced houses, the quicker the deliverers can get them out. This should bring down the price of the distribution and lead to more efficiency in your return, depending on what you are selling.